Milešov – a place of my childhood

Milešov - a place of my childhood

Each of us has a sacred place called home. I come from a mysterious, hilly region called Central Bohemian Highland. The place is soaked with history, old castles hidden in the valleys or just proudly standing on the top of each hill, hills coming in various shapes. On this picture you can see a highest mountain of that region, called Milešovka.


2 thoughts on “Milešov – a place of my childhood

    • I attached a few links to my newest post, so you can check those. It is in the north-eastern part of Czech republic. The whole region is pretty big, but this particular hill is near a village of Milešov. The best way to get there is by car, otherwise you can take a train to Lovosice and try to catch a bus to Velemin or Milesov. However, they do not run that frequently.

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