Two Kings of Bali – Bintang and Durian

Two Kings of Bali

A short guide to consuming two Balinese delicacies. What do you need? A bag, in which you place one bottle of Bintang (at least) and one durian (one piece is more than sufficient). Don’t forget a knife. You bring the bag to the beach. You take a knife and open the bottle of Bintang. Nobody reacts. Then you reach for the durian. Suddenly you get everybody’s interest. ” Are you really gonna eat that??” “Hehe, guys, we are!!”

To be honest, I do prefer the taste of Bintang.  The fruit has surprisingly mild taste, the smell was OK, it only stank a bit during the transport (we had a feeling we had an open sewer in the car), but once open, it was bearable. It leaves a bit of odor on your hands afterwards, but again, it is nothing Bintang could not wash off.. 🙂


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